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Pudding, Chocolate/Avocado Pudding

This is as easy to eat as it is to eat! And the one thing you hardly taste is the avocado.

It’s like magic pudding.

2 avocados; peeled, pitted, cut into cubes (Hass if you have them.)
1/2 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 Cup brown sugar (light or dark); (or alternate sugar of your choice)
1/3 Coconut milk (or substitute ‘milk’ of your choice)
2 tsp vanilla extract
a pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of sea salt
Chuck everything into a blender or food processor. Chill. Serve. How hard is that?!

Check online to see the many variations, some add peanut butter, some use date sugar or agave syrup, at least one adds a banana; lots of possibilities.

Note: Hass avocado named after Rudolph Hass.

But why choose between only two types of avocados. There are lots of different avocados depending on where you live and what the season is and in which hemisphere you are shopping/growing. I’m not sure if the list of avocados will ever be complete; here, check this out:…

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