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Blankets for dogs

A couple of weeks ago I purchased 3 lovely new white stretch fleece blankets. These blankets were intended as a gift for a friend who had recently managed to get out of the women’s shelter into her own apartment. Well, sadly, she has not communicated with her former friends in quite a while so the blankets needed to find a new purpose. A friend suggested that I donate them to the Humane Society. Good idea!!

I cut each of the 3 blankets into 4 pieces to make 12 blankets just the right size for the dogs at our local Humane Society. Since my eyesight is not all that good and the blankets were a bright white fabric, I did the stitching on the first blanket with light blue thread just so I could be sure the stitches were correct. Whew, it’s all good.

After about 2 hours I managed to complete 6 of the 12 blankets. Yes, they are a boring plain old white color but I figure the dogs won’t much care as long as they are comfortable and warm. The following day I finished the remaining 6 blankets and delivered them to the shelter.

Note: Please, donate, volunteer and support your LOCAL Humane Society to keep your dollars close to home.


Originally written December 27, 2017

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